Flog The Dog, one of Munster's Premier Wedding Bands, can be found playing live Music in locations across

Kerry, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Clare, Tipperary & Beyond.

Here's just a sampling of places you can find us live regularly! 

“An outfit who hadn't crossed my radar before, but who are now indelibly  stamped in my musical memory as one of the most versatile bands you will ever come across.  Flog The Dog (remember that name) laugh in the face of musical pigeon holling as they went from one of my favourite Scottish persons in Paulo Nutini to the Limiter’s ‘I belong to you' in an audible fusion of musical pastures, not forgetting of course the true traditional style to get their audience on their feet.”
- South Kerry Advertiser 2015

A Flog the Dog gig is a musical journey through time and place, in which you will be carried seamlessly from one genre of music to the next. You will find yourself immersed in the want to dance, shake it and at times even rock the boat. All the while having the opportunity to develop romantic moments that all great nights are made from!
We enjoy giving you opportunities to play & sing with us on your night. For events, weddings, parties and beyond, we personalise our set to make your night a special one.