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So what's in a name?  Believe it or not, nothing at all to do with a dog!  Flog The Dog is an old sea faring term used to reference the heavy workload of the most junior of the ship in early 1900’s.  When Paul formed the band he felt it reflected the passion; a fitting name to marry with the commitment of the musicians in the band.

Flog The Dog is a 4-piece Wedding Band based in Kerry, Ireland. The band features 3 full time members - Tanya, Paul, & Steve. For shows we are joined by guest musicians. 


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Steve joined the band as lead vocalist and guitarist, as well as taking up the role of musical director. He brought with him energy, experience & a love of music from years of playing in bands across Cork & Kerry. He began his musical career at an early age and over the years he has developed his musical style to blend through a variety of genres.

Glen Hansard, Foy Vance, Luke Kelly and Chris Martin are inspirations for Steve's vocal style and showmanship. Backing vocals were the start point for his singing ability. Through regular rehearsal along with continued practice and development, his voice airs on the likeness of his influencers.

Steve holds a BA (Hons) degree in Music Technology. Flog The Dog have a unique and powerful sound thanks to the engineering methods Steve studied and continues to develop.



Paul is a man of the Cajon & percussion is his true passion. In his travels he has collected ethnic drums, percussion instruments and sounds from Goa, Gambia, Ireland, Spain, and the UK. 

He is influenced in his style from the Punk and Ska of his youth through to the likes of the Levellers and late introduction to Irish trad/country scene, to contemporary music scene.  His on stage energy and interaction with the music is notable not only by his trademark Top-Hat, but in his clear enjoyment of the experience.




The clear rose amongst the musicians.  Tanya is the fiddle player and singer.  Tanya has studied and played music from her early life. With her fiddle and haunting vocals she draws in the audience to a warm embrace of positive musical energy. Her influences come from Roots music yet she has a keen interest and appreciation for many genres of music. 

Coming from Galway, Tanya has a background in theatre. Prior to leaving Galway she was involved with the Macnas Street Theatre, Folk and Dance Company and a host of umbrella theatre companies. After leaving Galway, Tanya headed for north west Donegal where she studied Irish traditional music for two years. After that she moved to Kerry, fulfilling an B.A (Hons) Arts degree, in Folk Theatre and Cultural Studies.


Flog The Dog are proud to feature a wealth of talented guest musicians, each bringing a unique skill set and energy to the bands performances. These are musicians with years of experience through numerous bands and help Flog The Dog produce a show that you won't forget! 


Neil has gained vast experience from playing in local bands and supporting JLS during the 2013 Rose of Tralee. Currently playing with Kerry based cover band Flog The Dog as a session player, Neil combines his love of music with his knowledge of his instrument and is never afraid to add his own twist to songs.

With influences ranging from bands such as Incubus, Soundgarden, Jamiroquai, Talking Heads and Tears for Fears, Neil has been writing his own music for a number of years and has always been willing to collaborate with original composers and other musicians. At the time of writing Neil is currently studying for Grade 8 with the Registry of Guitar Tutors, London (RGT).


John hails from West Limerick. John currently plays double keyboards and accompanies Flog The Dog at weddings, parties and other functions. John is a music teacher based in Limerick.

John has played with various bands around the country from 'Harlequin' to 'Route 66' while also offering his services as a pianist in hotels across Limerick, Kerry and Cork.